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Lisa Jacobson


Ein-Hod artists village


we can happily ZOOM some types of therapy sessions 


I started the process when I feel completely depressed with no energy, nothing, bombarded with negative thoughts.When I met you already at the first meeting I realized that on a spiritual and mental level there is someone who will understand me and there is someone to talk to about what.Apart from that, there were moments during the actual breaths that I felt a powerful physical and mental experience that cannot be described in words.You contributed a lot to my understanding that I need to take care of myself and listen to my soul and help it and not suppress my feelings and thoughts.Thanks.  M.28 years old. 

Dear Lisa! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing process I did with you and with your help.I came to you quite confused, I wanted a change but I didn't know how to point out the points that would lead to it.And so, even though we come from different backgrounds, with almost opposite lifestyles, I found in you inclusion, listening and non-judgment.I went through an amazing process with you in which I reached some very internal points within me, which, despite other treatments I tried, I was unable to touch and reach. And with the . recognition of them, a significant change took place in me.Thank you very much for that A. 42 years old

I met with my body which is home. I felt like I was back home I got a sense of security and a place that contains and allows to express pain, joy and movement in space. H. 42 years old

"Excellent treatment, I feel wonderful and light that I can dance ballet now ..." P. 85 years old

Dear Lisa,I came to you during a time with many struggles, emotional and mental difficulties, thanks to the process you led me through, today I am in a place where I manage to cope more correctly, I learned to know myself better,Thank you for your listening and support. B 41 years old

I came to Lisa's workshop entirely by chance. It was my first and most memorable reversing experience! These were some magical hours, while exploring space in motion and sounds that prepared the body and mind for relaxation. I softened, let go, breathed and moved closer to myself. Recommend to everyone with great love !! A. 28 years old

"The treatment also opened my head, everything feels more relaxed. I feel blood flow to my feet that I don't usually feel. The back pain is gone, the whole body is breathing. " O. 25 years old

"Feeling electricity flowing throughout the body, eighths of energy flowing through the joints, the body feels lighter and ventilated, as if the cells in the body have regenerated." S. 52 years old

I took part in an energetic and inspiring workshop with Lisa, the good witch from the north 💗 In the workshop I was able to breathe again and break free from heavy loads I had been carrying from a threatening and stressful time. I came out with all sorts of emotions that came up including relief and joy. Highly recommend T. 50 years old

My experience was very powerful; Waves of crying and with it waves of insights and understandings were sensitive and deep. I felt safe and contained - thanks to the guidance and presence of Lisa and the supporter who was with her, thanks to the pleasant space, and thanks to the special acquaintance - albeit short but unconventional - created between all participants in the first part of the workshop. This experience, on all levels resonated with me for a long time, freed me from the burden of the old energy - and all that was time to go through - and gave way to renewal and refined clarity and full of sensitivity and love for different and sensitive issues in my life, and general renewal. D. 37 years old