Physical Theater

Theater I believe in

In the late 1980s, when I was a dance student at the Kibbutzim Seminary, I felt that I lacked skills and additional possibilities for artistic expression. In the summer of 1990, I had the opportunity to join Gil Becher, for a unique art project in Ramon Crater. We gathered together two dancers, a sculptor and two actors. From there, we co-founded the ARMA Theater (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) - a groundbreaking physical theater in the theater space in Israel, in nature, in surprising architectural spaces, works for the specific site, street theater and dance in the public space.

Since then, I created, acted and directed in Israel and Europe, I have artistically directed festivals and taught students at all levels - professional actors, acting students and students in theater majors. I am currently an actress-creator in the HaYadit Theater Ensemble. For over 30 years I have been creating and teaching original physical theater. I continue to explore, the mind, the self, the spirit, human society, nature, the world and other dimensions…

What is physical theater?

It is a theater of creation, art, ceremony and healing. It's a lot of things and styles. It can be said that physical theater was renewed in the 1950s by Jacques Lecoq as a theatrical style of creation and acting and as an educational pedagogy. The means of generous inspiration for creation is the actor-creator as a "STORYTELLER". It is a theater of connection and re-examination of actor-audience-space relations.

In creative processes in the physical theater, the actors engage in the creation of the new, "out of nowhere," whether the work is original or an adaptation of a written text. The process takes us to a study in the studio for in-depth materials, many hours of improvisation and searching for the driving forces, texts, finding a suitable theatrical language, music, game, space design, the relationship between actors and audience to space, lighting design and the like. We formulate and design an honest and responsive theatrical experience, which is renewed and changes a little every day, because 

everything moves… Theatrical, interactive experience, total theater

I have over 30 years of professional experience in teaching directing plays and artistic projects, with professional and amateur actors at all levels. I was a partner in the establishment and management of two theater centers, Beit Arma and Wadi School in Haifa. You can invite me to direct an artistic project or teach a short workshop, day workshop or full course.