The Clinic- private one on one sessions

Yes, it is both physical and emotional, because body and mind are one. As we go through our mother's womb, through the birth itself and in our childhood years, we absorb various experiences that are recorded in the body, literally engraved in the memory of the cells. Experiences and traumas we have absorbed, create blockages of normal flow, and affect the emotions, mind and physical body. This is reflected in the shaping of body structure, patterns of behavior and conduct in society, our experience of the self in the world, our attachment  in relationships as well as a fertile cushion for pains and various diseases that like to nest in our body in weakened places. The accumulated experiences and traumas are part of the complex now called "I". As we grow and mature we seem to build ourselves  an armor or a behavioral and physical mask, so that we can manage in the world, despite the vulnerability and sensitivity. Some of us are not even aware of it.

I believe that under the armor and mask, every woman and man has a spark of basic good that exists in the world. A basic, pleasant and harmonious good that is waiting to be revealed. Like being born again to a refined, honest and better self. When this happens we get to live our lives openly and fully, with flow, love and joy of life. In the process of development, creation and personal empowerment in the clinic, I use a variety of tools such as focusing, circular breathing / rebirting, family constellation, Shamanic therapy, ,ILM- Ilan Lev method, SE tools (Somatic Experience - physical experience), trauma treatment and human dialogue, while listening and flowing what is appropriate And true in every encounter to client, with sensitivity and listening to the process itself and what is revealed in it
I am here to accompany you, to walk together on a journey of healing, to support you and allow you to loosen and release, to dismantle the armor and take off the masks, to break patterns of behavior and permanence, to break out of the cycle of pain and suffering and create deep healing. I invite you on a fascinating journey within, into yourself, to develop an awareness and presence that contains love and compassion for yourself and the world. It is an invitation to find the "improved version" of yourself and the divine spark that exists in you and in all of us. 

Suitable for women, men and adolescents, who suffer from diverse and different difficulties in body and mind Feel free to consult by phone before a meeting.