Therapy in a Group/  Breathing Workshops

As a therapist and stage artist, I believe in developing the skill of being in touch with what is blocking and stabbing us, And allow full self-expression for all the voices within us In every area of life - it is essential for our physical and mental health.

It is important that "we do not become transparent" and that our voice be heard. That we will feel full self-confidence in standing up to ourselves and the world. 

In the workshops I lead you in with curiosity To the diverse, dark and bright sides of you. That allows you to give expression to all these parts In any way that seeks to go out into the world. We do individual work as part of a group. We open ourselves up to the opportunity to experiment, to "fail" To not be satisfied. We learn to work with people, alone and in a team Get support and listening. Develop personal imagery and expression Reach for deep insight To understand that you have a place in this world Express yourself in any way that suits you

Be in full presence. 

Join the adventure !!!

A selection of workshops combining rebirthing- circular breath work, Focusing, movement, dance, physical theater and creative writing. in the Hebrew page. Feel free to ask